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This is a people business and talent retention is key - The ability to attract talented script writers, production directors, artistes and keep them happy is like managing a football team where you must have excellent people management skills as well as strong support functions. The Dow Jones hit a high of 9088 this afternoon but at the end of the day retested 9000. The Dow Jones has resistance around the 9139-9150 area and this will be a key test. Recent positive developments in the USA over increased health provider payments for FPH's sleep apnea products in-home mean this area is a driving force for profit and as new products are developed for the at home market profit looks set to rise. I bought my initial shareholding at $7.96 and $8 4 years ago (clearly picked the wrong time there) and my most recent addition in 2009 for $4.20. OK, my “little bear” finally wake up after many years of hiding / hibernating in the jungle.


USAT soared above $2.00 today and continues to look strong. Fannie Mae (FNM) - Continues the technical breakout but is coming up on $2 resistance. It was a terrible week for the US boutiques market ( and Asia stocks markets to some extent). Our dashboard ’What Factors Drove 39% Change In Oracle stock Between 2017 And Now? What stocks do I like right now with big dividends? On that light note then id like to offer my completely unbiased opinion (yeah right) on what my picks are in 2008 for stocks to watch for. Many S-Chips failed due to a variety of reasons from lack of corporate governance to out right deception. Personal total networth is definitely affected by the stock market onslaught due to COVID-19, mine wasn't spared as well as I am always vested with at least 90% of my cash asset. Demand for certain industries like hospitality, aviation, retail, transportation and oil will be severely impacted due to lockdown and quarantine measures taken to contain the virus. The market suddenly realize the “danger” and the impact of COVID-19 to our economy as a whole and some industries specifically.



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