Malegra 100 - How To Use An Erectile Dysfunction Test Kit

Malegra 100 mg is a prescription drug online. Further, this impotence treating medicine is well greatly helpful in erectile dysfunction or impotence treatment and pulmonary hypertension.

The test kit might include approx. 3 lancets and 2 collection tubes. To also get a complete range of outcomes, you will also need to fill both tubes up to the top. After the results of the test doctor might prescribe you Malegra 100 medication. Also make use of the test kit, as it is mentioned below with proper instructions:

  • Wash hands using warm, soapy water. One might also find it more issues in performing the test in case your hands are just so cold
  • Dry hands well
  • Make use of the swabs including the kit for cleaning the fingertip that one might use it. We also recommend that make use of the middle or ring finger of the non-dominant hand (not the one you might eventually write it). Wait until your finger is dry
  • Twist and remove the purple sticks that are present in the lancet, place them in the middle of your fingertip, and press the purple button well right to the end
  • A small drop of blood must all start forming on the fingertip. Make sure you do not worry in case; this might not work for the first time as there are 3 lancets present in the kit
  • Make use of a clean tissue to wipe the first drop of blood away, then angle your finger well downwards and massage the sides of the fingertip for forming another drop of the blood
  • Make use of the other hand for squeezing the fingertip to drop the blood sample right to one of the collection tubes, to begin with, then one must also move over to the second one. If you might also fill both tubes to the upper line. In case, you cannot get enough flow of blood to fill the tubes, make use of the additional lancets on another finger and repeat the complete steps above
  • Make use of the plaster in the kit for covering the fingertip
  • Put the lid onto the collection tube and simply twist the lid various times to shut tightly
  • Place the details on the sticky labels. This is known to be an important step as the partner lab will not be able to do some of the tests otherwise. Also make sure that you place the labeled collection tubes into the protective wallet, and the wallet present in the prepaid envelope
  • Send your samples and wait for the results

Medication For Erectile Dysfunction 

A solution like Malegra 100 for ED is also available in various forms and dosages that are to be consumed as per the penile health condition. Avoid consumption of the medication over safe and effective results. This medication helps in treating Erectile Dysfunction condition which also works only when it is consumed in presence of complete sexual arousal. The solution does the job well by allowing men to attain a stiffer penile erection for a longer sessions of making love. Never consume the pill in excess for safe and effective outcomes.