Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Plot

Everything you need to know about Poppy Playtime Chapter 1, the first chapter of the horror game series.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the horror game series Poppy Playtime. It's currenly the only chapter in the game. Chapter 2 and 3 will be released in 2022.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Plot

A tight squeeze

Players take the role of an ex-employee of Playtime Co., a company that created toys and dolls. Players now have to return to the factory many years after the employees here disappeared to solve the mystery.

They begin by solving a puzzle on a moving toy train utilizing three colors. This permits them to gain access to the security room, where one of the grab pack hands is unlocked. Grab Packs have the power to rewire electrical cables and unlock doors. Using this precise hand, the player eventually opens a door. They soon come into a blue monster known as "Huggy Wuggy" within a circular room. This former employee attempts to open a door with this hand, but the gate does not open. When the player returns his gaze to Huggy Wuggy, he notices that he has obtained the keys to the power room. You take the keys from him and open the Power Room door. They discover that the power is out and decide to wrap the arm of their grab pack around the generators while keeping their hand on the power button. The factory's power gets turned on as a result of this. They walk into the next room and open the door (now that the power is back on). On either side of the player, two doors appear; one looks to be open, while the other appears to be locked. A hand guides us into the room, and the nearest pipe (unexpectedly) bursts.

This worker eventually finds himself in a completely other room. (The chamber appears to be part of the facility's storage/warehouse.) They climb two flights of stairs and discover four power cores gone before jumping down into the factory's conveyer belt. The person must search the chamber until all four of these cells are found, then open the entrance via which they arrived. The prior employee double-checks that all four power cells are in position before turning on the claw. This claw snatches the box and then drops it on the conveyer belt, giving the player their second hand. A door stands in front of the player, which they must open with both hands. They drop down into a room inside the vents after opening this metal door. (This is essentially a different wiring scheme.) This belt gains strength and begins to move. This brings them to a chamber where they must power the machine a third time by wiring it. After you've turned on the power, you'll need to turn on the button and pull all three levers to make a toy. This machine completes the entire assembly, painting, and quality control procedure for the toy. You will soon be able to grasp this toy and place it into a little scanner. The scanner quickly opens the door to the next chamber.

When Huggy Wuggy reappears, you're ready to return to the circular room once more. You must flee and travel through the vent system to avoid him. He runs through the vents on the other side and eventually finds you. You must sprint through the congested region on your right before turning around when you reach the next edge. Slid down the metallic part of the vents after falling through the metal plate. Following that, turn and go straight until you see a little entrance in the vents. Both times, crouch into the opening and turn right. When the door in front of you closes, wait for it to reopen before continuing forward to the vents' edge. Pull a box down just as Huggy Wuggy is about to reach you. Huggy not only pulls the platform down, but also plunges into the facility. You land on a fresh metallic platform with the option to continue straight or turn right. You can retrieve the final cassette in Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 unblocked and listen to it on a tape player if you turn right. If you continue straight, you will arrive at the location where you first noticed the flower at the start of the chapter. When you walk into the entryway of this flower, you'll notice architecture that appears like a house. You descend into this enigmatic location and come across a section with a metallic gate. You arrive in a room with crimson lights and a mystery shadow figure peeking through when you travel around this gate. You'll discover Poppy inside her glass case after you open this door. Poppy will turn off the lights and note that you unlocked her case if you open it.

Poppy Playtime 2021 is a free horror game. Since its release, it has received many positive reviews. The game is free to play in your browser. Let's discover the mystery.